The Limitless Possibilities of VR: An Interview with Samsung

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The Limitless Possibilities of VR: An Interview with Samsung

Our CEO, David Payne, recently sat down with Samsung to discuss the future of virtual reality and how to break into the industry. The interview is part of their #SDCVR series, which highlights the many ways that VR is being used and could be used in the future. We talked about this in our blogs as well, where we showcased some of the coolest ways that VR is being used right now.

“The great thing about VR today is there are opportunities in everything” The virtual reality industry has been making incredible strides in just the past few years. Not even five years ago, the idea of a home video game console running a fully-immersive VR experience would have been unheard of. Now, with Playstation VR and Occulus, these are swiftly becoming realities. But with so much focus on gaming, there’s a chance that this incredible technology could become fairly singular in its usage.

David’s interview really shows off how diverse and exciting the industry is today. He encourages anyone who’s are interested in VR to “follow your passion.” Anyone who can understand the tech can create something new right now since so much of the industry is still forming. So while applications at gaming companies may be piling high, you can easily find your niche if you look to where there’s potential for something new.

You can read the whole interview here.