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# HD Renderings

HD Flythrough Video

Online 360 Tour

 Mobile VR Tour

Interactive Touchscreen Tour


Interactive Finish Switching


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5 Renderings

30 Second Video

5 Walkable Spots

5 Walkable Spots

Starting at $500





10 Renderings

60 Second Video

10 Walkable Spots

10 Walkable Spots

Starting at $500




PER interactive space


30 Second Video

5 Walkable Spots

5 Walkable Spots

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1Why do you produce so many HD interior renderings in your marketing package?
Resale homes on MLS feature several photographs of the home for sale. We believe it should be no different for unbuilt homes.

More pictures from more angles give potential buyers a better idea of your unbuilt development. Since 9 out of 10 people looking to buy a home start their journey online, offering multiple renderings from different perspectives gives online buyers a far better visualization of your development.

Our HD renderings can add fuel to your web presence and social media campaigns, giving you more media to reach people online, where they are just starting their house hunt. Enticing, accurate pictures and videos can generate excitement and inform all at the same time.
2What is the purpose of interior HD flythough videos?
Videos get more engagement online than pictures because they are more engaging and show more than static images. Users like video too. In fact, consumers are four times more likely to prefer a video about a product than a long, wordy description.

When you post a video on social media, you can track the number of views, how long those views lasted and more critical information about what people love about your development. This in turn helps you craft a better marketing campaign that plays to your strengths.

Our marketing flythrough videos highlight the major features of the home and generate interest. They are specifically designed to be shareable and usable, so you can put them on your site and your social media channels for increased reach and buzz.
3What is the purpose of online 360 tours?
What if buyers could walk and look around units online or using their mobile device and know what they want to buy even before walking into the sales center?

Our interactive online 360 tours give buyers the ability to fully explore units online, and even see the view.

All of our online 360 tours support mobile Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, so that buyers can experience what it's like to be inside the unit!

The 360 tours require no app download - they work as a regular webpage, and can be part of your website, social media campaigns. We even track the walkthroughs using Google Analytics so that we have real data to understand how users are engaging with your floorplans online.
4What are interactive touchscreen tours?
Our interactive touchscreen walkthroughs are 3D simulations of floorplans that let buyers visualize and understand the depth, form and function of the space. They are a canvas for the buyer, giving them a chance to switch finishes and upgrades. They create their dream home in your unit right in your sales centre.

Each walkthrough is created directly from the architectural files, are accurate to the millimetre and are so realistic most of our clients use them instead of building physical models.

Invent Dev’s touchscreen tour was rated the best product by Builder Online 2017 for real estate developers.
5How long does it take to deliver the marketing package?
Our turnaround time is generally 4 to 8 weeks, which depends on the number of marketing packages purchased, assuming we received finalized floorplans.